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Firstly, we discussed adding 3 new weapon types, the Rocket Launcher, the Grenade Launcher, and the Laser Beam. Additionally, we wanted to add new 3D models for all the weapons in the game. Finally, improving the player movement system, with 3 new move states.

All of this will be addressed, in addition to plenty of minor and major changes.



Updated Character Movement

Mohamad Ali Awarkeh

Firstly, last time, we wanted to rework the player movement system as to make the mech / tank feel much more of a heavier machine, this is now slightly closer to the intended / wanted feel. We added 3 new movement states, which simply affect the player move speed. These are simply called, Retracted, Deployed and Shooting.


  • The first move state is Retracted. In this mode, the player cannot fire their weapons, yet they move at their fastest. The intended function of this move state is to let the player explore and traverse the world without feeling like they are slugging around the world.
  • The second move state is Deployed. In this mode, the player has their weapons deployed, but they are not firing their weapons. The player will be moving at their mid speed. This is primarly used when the player has been or is expecting to be fighting.
  • Finally, the last move state is Firing. In this mode, the player is at their slowest, as they are firing all their weapons. For now, I have it at a set number, but I am hoping to turn this into a dynamic number in which, depending on either the amount of weapons the player is carrying, or the strength of said weapons, when firing their speed is reduced by a certain percentage. *IF THIS MAKES ANY SENSE*


I still would love to work more on this, changing how the player rotates depending on the state they are. For example the ‘turning circle’ of the vehicle is large the faster they are, in addition to adding smoothing to player rotation instead of instant snapping to a certain direction. I simply want to give the vehicles a sort of heavy large machine feel to it. My greatest inspirations to this is Frontier Developments, Elite Dangerous and Payload Studios TerraTech.



Updated Weapon System

Mohamad Ali Awarkeh

To begin, the weapon system has been slightly improved and updated over the past two weeks, which does not affect the game itself, but rather the development and implementation of the weapons themselves into the game.


Now for the fun part, I have indeed completed the addition of the 3 new weapon types:

  • The Rocket Launcher: This will be a high velocity weapon with a large blast radius, primarly used to clear out areas, whether that is enemies or the environment. As of now, there are two types of Rocket launcher. The Classic Standard Missile, which moves is a forward direction for it’s original trajoectory. The next is the Homing Missile, which follows the first enemy it find (which is also usually the closest enemy to the player). Finally, I want to add one final type of missile called Cluster Missiles, these missile to fire a large amount of small missiles (between 8-10) and spiral landing in random positions within a certain bound. My view of these are to clear out large clumps of enemies.
  • The Grenade Launcher: This will be a slow moving and small blast radius weapon, primarly used to create room for the player to escape or move around. As of now, there are two types of Grenade Launcher. The Bouncy Grenade, which as the name states, is a grenade that bounces, these bombs will bounce a few times before exploding. Secondly, the Sitcky Grenade, which again as the name states, is a grenade that sticks to the first object it collides with. The have a timer and explode after a certain time, the hope for these is to be used more of a tactical way, positioning them in certain areas disjointing the hordes and groups of enemies.
  • The Laser Beam. This is a bit harder for to explain, but I will try my best. As of now, there is only one type of beam weapon. I am calling it a Rifle Beam Laser, all this is, is a simple beam that is created and is static, imagine a blaster from StarWars, but the projectile does not move forward. But I want to develop two more types of Laser Beams. FIrstly, a Continious Beam Laser, which is simply similar to the rifle beam laser, but rather than being static in a position, is attacthed to the player, and is just a large beam being projected from the point of the weapon. Secondly, I want to make a Bending Beam Laser, which is the exact same as the continious beam laser, but rather than being a single straight line, IT BENDS!






I have also been working on the new weapons, primarly for the uncommon rarity, but from now on, I will not showcase any of these weapons, as I would rather all of them be a surprise and an expierence for the player to discover at they play the game. So whenever I want to show any weapon types and so on, I will show the common rarity versions. But I may show little teasers or snipets of weapons, just to show off things I have been doing. (Dont want to look like I have done nothing at all)


I also have VIDEOS, I have two to show, the first is a showcase of all the weapon types currently in the game. Now a lot of these are still being reworked as this is being posted, for example VFX have no been added to certain weapons, New bullets haven’t been added to certain weapons, and more. Additionally, some weapons may not make sense as their unique attribute may not be represented properly in this showcase, but as of now, I believe simply showing off the weapon types that are in the game is crucial.

The next video is simply a showcase of how it looks if the player has many weapons at the same time. The current character in use, can carry up to 6 weapons. The first character I made carried 10, but it felt a bit too much, so I am currently balancing it between 5-8 weapons per character, and just exploring how these would affect the overall gameplay loop.


Mohamad Ali Awarkeh

Added some new 3D models to the game. I created a whole new character as to test my character selection, but sadly that is still in progress and VERY broken. But back on topic, New character means new 3D model for said character. Here is a picture!


Additionally, I modelled some very simple bullets, for both the classic weapons that would use 9mm style bullets (if that means anything to anyone), and shotgun shells for the weapon. Now I understand when shooting a gun, you do not fire the whole shell or bullet, but it just felt right! Here are pictures of the weapon bullets. But I still need to work on sniper bullets, grenades, and missiles.


VFX! I have begun working on some simple VFX things at the same time. I have made some simple effects to just make it feel like players truly are part of the world with bullet casing ejecting. You can see them in the videos, where the bullets are flying out and its all hectic, which is what I want.


Damage pop ups have also been added! As of now, the damage pop up works where it actually shows the players health, rather than the damage they took, but I am currently fixing it where they show the damage numbers rather than the enemy health!



Aims and Goals

Now for the goals, this will be tough, and I might make it quite small as I have a significant amount of work for uni that I would rather focus on! But here we go:

  • I want to complete all the weapon updates, so new bullets and VFX at the minimum!
  • Fix damage pop up!
  • Finally, work on setting up the tutorial section



Thank you very much for taking your time and reading this dev blog! Hope I have kept you interested, and stay in tune for the next one! Until then, follow me on Twitter to keep up to date on the game and everything else I do: Twitter Link

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