The Floor is Lava and Quick Maths – 12 Second Games

21 October 2018 / By MohamadAliAwarkeh

The Floor is Lava and Quick Maths were my first projects in my first year. Both games were constructed around one main theme… 12 seconds. No matter the gameplay, or game mechanics, the game had to be a maximum of 12 seconds long. Both games were developed using Adobe Animate CC and ActionScript3.


This was truly a massive mind-boggling idea to me, being naive and new to game development, I wasn’t too keen on the idea, but as I sat down and just thought about what could be done in 12 seconds, and what couldn’t. I found myself developing The Floor is Lava, which was very much a pixel perfect platformer, that if done perfectly, could be completed within 9 seconds. I additionally made sure that the game could not be completed in the first try by anyone, by making false routes, confusing the players on which direction they had to go, but all in all, you simply had to learn the pattern to complete the level.

Quick Maths on the other hand was more of a mental game, strategy if you’d like. I wanted to develop something where it made you think, some players did not press anything the first few tries, they simply looked at all the options and then attempted to solve it afterwards!

A link to: The Floor is Lava

A link to: Quick Maths

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