25 October 2018 / By MohamadAliAwarkeh

aGreed was a game jam game produced over the better part of two days by Myself, James Briggs, Alex Clarke, and Cam Richards. The game jam was a massive collaborative project in which all years in the Games Design course participated both BA and MA.

The core concept of the game was simple. Each player was a member of a village council managing the village’s resources. Although there we community goals such as constructing new bridges for improved trade, or providing more housing for the citizens, the primary goal was to achieve your own more private matters.

There was a centre chest on the table, players then took it in turns to draw resource cards, after all of that, players then began to discuss their resources and what they would contribute to the community chest. The players either told the truth and contributed what they had exclaimed or lied and deceived their fellow council members.

Once that is completed, players would then either call other members out claiming that they are liars, or shout “AGREED”. Once that is done, players may then contribute the resources they claimed to have put in.

The game was heavily inspired by two board games we both enjoyed. Firstly, Settlers of Catan, where we were inspired by the idea of resource management and town building. Secondly, One Night Werewolf, a game all about deception and social interaction. The game went through rigorous play testing and continuous change. During the game jam, we had 4 players playing at all times, whether it was us and changing the rules and ways the game was played, other mentors and other friends testing the game out.

The most important take away from the game jam was the understanding of the simplicity and importance of both play testing and quick iteration. This is additionally where I grew a passion for both board game design and game jams.

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