Battle of Zhuolu

24 October 2018 / By MohamadAliAwarkeh

Battle of Zhuolu was my end of year project for first year. The premise of the project was to find a mythology you wanted to explore, and developing a game around that idea. The game was developed independently by myself, using Adobe Animate CC and AS3.

BoZ (Battle of Zhuolu) was extremely ambitious! I became overly interested in learning new programming techniques, rather than producing a game that was well executed.

I wanted to learn many things that even though I knew I would learn in later years, wanted to know NOW. Being naive, I began to teach myself and ask for help from tutors, learning about Arrays, Pooling, Z-sorting, For Loops and much more.


This game was a lesson more than anything else, I learnt a lot from both my individual abilities as a developer, but of my ambitions. No matter how much I believe I can do, and how much I actually can do. Time is always going to be a constraint. I learnt to accept criticism, to accept failure and most importantly… to move on.

Although the game turned out decent, it was a painstaking mission to rid it of as many bugs as possible, as I slaved through hours to remove bug after bug, but creating and revealing new ones,  by the time the game was handed in, I spent more time bug fixing, and little time developing and improving the gameplay.

Finally, here is a link to the game on my itch: Battle of Zhuolu

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