Coin Collector

24 October 2018 / By MohamadAliAwarkeh

Coin Collector was a developed during a one day game jam. Or to be more exact, 6 hours. Within those 6 hours, we had to design, and then execute the idea. The game was developed by Myself and Alex Clarke, using Adobe Animate CC and programmed in AS3.

The game jam had one simple rule, choose two words from a list, and develop a game around it. We chose Silence and Wanted. This was an easy choice for us, as we decided to make a stealth game, where you (the player) would go into a house and steal their treasures.

It was also a very ambitious game for 6 hours, as the enemies had both a waypoint system, where they patrolled around the house, but additionally, if you were close enough, they would ‘hear’ you and chase you using trigonometry. The player had a sound circle, where depending on how fast he was moving, dictated how large or small the circle was. Doors had to be unlocked, but that took time, meaning you had to go at the right moment.

As we worked tirelessly through the hour, we realised we had ONE slight gameplay issue… the enemies could walk through the walls, making the game close to impossible. Although we had that issue at the end of the game jam session. After a solid 5 min patch, the wall’s had collision and the game a lot more enjoyable.

Finally here is a link to play the game: Coin Collector

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