Endless Top Down Shooter

25 October 2018 / By MohamadAliAwarkeh

ETDS (Endless Top Down Shooter) was my final game I would develop using Adobe Animate CC and AS3. I developed it independently, during my first term in year two. The assignment was simple, develop a game that was endless.

Being Mo, I loved developing top down shooters, I always loved the genre, whether it was a twitch fast paced TDS, or something among a slower paced game. I enjoyed playing them and wanted to learn not only how to develop one, but what is the basic requirements and mechanics to pull off a simple TDS.


As I began developing it, I went through multiple iterations of the game, but landed on a simple and easy system, of reusing all assets and enemies to make it seem endless, and unlock ones that were hidden off screen using timers to make it seem as there were more coming the longer the game went on.

Additionally, as instantiating was difficult in Animate, I pooled all the bullets, and reused anything I could to optimise the game, but subsequently I saved time programming multiple new statements to perform certain actions.


The game turned out pretty well, and was chuffed with my first attempt at a TDS, and had enough time to work on little quality of life things, such as knockback on enemies getting shot, reload slowed the player down, and even drawing my own sprites and animating them.

Finally, here is a link to the game: Endless Top Down Shooter

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