Felines Fighting Fish

04 February 2019 / By MohamadAliAwarkeh

Feline Fighting Fish was a game jam game, produced over the better part of two days, we were a team of 4, myself, James Briggs, Harry Wren, and Nayef Abahsain. The game jam was a yearly ongoing event we have at uni where all years collaborate, in both the BA and MA.



A board game during a game jam is always really fun and easy to produce, as not knowing other peoples skill levels and abilities makes it difficult when it comes to programming a game.

During the development of the project, we went through multiple iterations, for a hexagonal board, to completely different rules and play styles. When we finally settled on the final product, I had the long task of creating a rule book that would make sense, and leave players to actually set up and play it on their own.

Finally, here is an article Jake Tucker wrote about Felines Fighting Fish:

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