The Whimsical Adventures of the Smog Gusters

04 February 2019 / By MohamadAliAwarkeh

The Whimsical Adventures of the Smog Gusters, this was my end of year game for the 2nd year of BA Games Design. It was developed by myself, James Briggs and Alex Clarke.

The group felt like a small family, as the three of us worked tirelessly through the months. We got closer to the due date and completion of the game, we saw ourselves working even more hours on it, outside of university, meeting up on off days, and more. It was truly a pleasure to be part of a project with so much drive and emotion.

We were tasked with choosing a decade and creating a game around it, we instantly ruled out both the world wars, and the prohibition decade, as we believed that a lot of people on our course would make games around that decade, additionally, we wanted something unique, something that hadn’t really been explored before hand.

We settled on creating a game that was also a familiar area, and that was cosy ol’ England, specifically London. We chose the Great Smog of London which killed 10000+ people.

When we finally settled on the idea, we began to iterate countless version of the game on paper, what we could do, how it would look, why people would want to achieve the goal, and so on. We would want to make an experience that would make us feel happy exploring and developing, whilst players would enjoy playing.

I don’t believe at any point during development did we have any problems with one another or the project, it seemed to run like a well oiled machine. That is not to say we did not have issues, but when we did, we would simply sit with one another and discuss it, sometimes, all we needed was a small chat about the problem and it would simply resolve itself.

Although there weren’t specific roles for anyone, we also tasked ourselves we certain aspects of the game. As James was set to make the Civilian AI and Smog, I was set with making the character, his movement, and gun mechanics. Additionally, Alex was set to work on UI Elements. Together this helped us make a sold prototype at the beginning. We then went on from there and developed what is now the final version of the Smog Gusters.

We were also lucky enough to present out game at the V&A Friday Late. It was an absolute honour to be able to get our game set up and shown to hundreds of people, from everyday people, to sound designers, artists and more. It was amazing to experience something like that.

This game was developed using Unity3D, and programmed in C#. We used Adobe Animate, and Photoshop to create our art.

Finally, here is a link to the game: The Whimsical Adventures of the Smog Gusters

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