Vûghammer’s Head Hunt

04 February 2019 / By MohamadAliAwarkeh

Vûghammer’s Head Hunt was a single player board game designed over a month or so by myself and James Briggs. The brief of developing a board game which was to be played by yourself at first stumped us, but short after a bit of discussion and prototyping, we found an idea and began working on what was to become Vûghammer’s Head Hunt.

One of the most important things we wanted to ensuring during development was the simplicity and ease of players setting up, quickly reading the rules and then immediately beginning play.

The board was extremely simple and plain on the final product, being just a large folded piece of cardboard, whilst the cards themselves were all individually designed, then sent off to be printed, which really helped with the feel and look of the game.

All the cards were hand drawn by ourselves, all information was also written by us. Both of us heavily specialise in programming and design, so as you can see, our art skills are not the best, but for 2nd year BA students, we felt that did not matter.

Overall, the premise of the assignment, and the final product was a real challenge, but an enjoyable one at that. Oh also, each card was painstakingly written and edited in a different PS file, this was before we knew about InDesign and DataMergeing.

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